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Welcome to Oman Licensing Round 2019
Start Date: 17 February 2019    Close Date:  30 May 2019


Licensing Round 2019 Will Start Soon

The Oman Ministry of Oil & Gas is pleased to announce the 2019 licensing bid round. 

Registration and bidding starts on 17 February 2019. 

There are currently numerous open blocks that will be tendered over the next few years. In the 2019 bid round, 6 blocks will be tendered: Block 58, Block 70, Block 73, Block 74, Block 75 and Block 76.               

The blocks on offer were previously part of the prolific Block 6 operated by PDO.  Who were obliged to relinquish these blocks due to statutory license relinquishment rules.

This service has been designed to provide a ‘Living Data Room’ with online tools for browsing and visualizing available block data with an easy-to-use web interface, offering the ability to access the data from any location world-wide.  

In addition to the high quality raw data, comprehensive “ready-to-use” projects are available to subscribers. These projects will save time and facilitate fast-track evaluations.

There are many advantages for businesses that choose to invest in Oman. The country has a well-deserved reputation as neutral, stabilizing force in the region. Omanis are known for their graciousness and tolerance.  

Other significant advantages include:

  • An Omani work force that is educated and mostly bilingual (Arabic and English).
  • A high quality of life in a safe and modern country.
  • modern business law framework that respects the free market, property rights and the importance/inviolability of contracts
  • Oman encourages free trade and supports international agreements on intellectual property and foreign investment.  
  • Corruption remains very low. Oman ratified joining the United Nations Conventions Against Corruption in 2013.

Register Interest    Registration Guide Confidentiality Agreement


Available Blocks & Info

Available Data Packages and Pricing (USD)

Preview Pack Example snapshot of key
data types. Online & fully
Raw Generic archive of raw
data including a complete
data viewer package
from Target called Insight
Ready to Interpret  Interpretation-Ready
Application Pack –
Petrel & Techlog
(fully populated projects –
ready to interpret)
Block 58 View detailed block summary Download PDF version   Included with
Registration of Interest
at fee $ 5,000

$ 40,000 $ 20,000
Block 70 View detailed block summary Download PDF version   $ 50,000 $ 25,000
Block 73 View detailed block summary Download PDF version   $ 50,000 $ 25,000
Block 74 View detailed block summary Download PDF version   $ 50,000 $ 25,000
Block 75 View detailed block summary Download PDF version   $ 30,000 $ 15,000
Block 76 View detailed block summary Download PDF version   $ 40,000 $ 20,000

Participate Now...

Step 1: Research the available blocks using this public site

Select a block from the summary table above for details about each opportunity in this bid round. This is public information and can be viewed without subscribing to the bid round.

Step 2: Register interest and subscribe to the bid round

In order to preview data and purchase the full data packages, users must complete the registration process and upload the following documents:

  • Letter of Interest
  • Company Profile
  • MOG Confidentiality Agreement

The registration fee is set at $5000 which includes:

  • Multiple users access per company 
  • Access to the system features
  • Access to the Data Preview packs for all available Blocks
  • Right to purchase the full data packages
  • Right to submit a bid
The User will receive the bid template and Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) model once the registration payment made.

Step 3: Purchase and view the full data packages

The data can be viewed interactively online from anywhere in the world via the MEERA platform. 

The data packages (described in the table above) can be downloaded directly or can be provided on digital media for a selected destination.

Step 4: Bid Submission

The bid submission should be presented in a sealed envelope, addressed to H.E the Undersecretary Salim Nasser Al Aufi and delivered to his HE the Undersecretary office. Bids are required to be delivered, before 13:00 hrs Oman local time of bid close date.

Please note that HE the Undersecretary office is located on the second floor of the Ministry of Oil and Gas building in Al - Khuwair, Muscat.


To assist the block evaluations, TARGET has created an interpretation package. The information it contains is based both upon the MOG's raw data for the block as well as TARGET's extensive knowledge of Oman and the region. The interpretation package is designed to help bidders bridge the knowledge and experience gap that takes local players decades to build, providing you with a solid foundation to start. The interpretation provides bidders with:

  • Access to substantial local and regional knowledge
    • Direct knowledge of each block
    • Knowledge of regional context, analogs, off-set data including petroleum system, plays, what has worked or failed in the past and what is likely to work in the present.
  • Strong start and fast-track block evaluation
    • Ready-made interpretation package that reconciles the nomenclature for geologic data and provides clean data sets for all available data types.
    • Allows more time for internal valuation, risk assessment, executive board approvals before bid deadline.
    • Ready-to-use project portfolio in the industry’s key software platforms (Petrel, Kingdom, Techlog, etc.).
  • Integrate all scales and vintages of data from fine-scale to seismic and outcrop.
  • Data are in digital format and can be provided as:
    • A complete Petrel project containing the wells, well logs, seismic data and interpretations.
    • A complete Kingdom project containing the wells, well logs, seismic data and interpretations.

TARGET's multi-national team and experienced technical staff can work with your team to define the right direction in terms of the major challenges, key decisions and investments required to manage risk and create long term value. TARGET also provides you with advisory and technical support for the transfer of information in the Interpretation Package via a workshop or workstation format, either in Oman or a location of your choice in order to enhance your decision making on the technical, commercial and investment aspects of the block.


For bid round details:

Suleiman Saif Al Ghuniami
Director of Petroleum Concessions
Ministry of Oil and Gas
Tel:  +968 24640526 (GMT+3)
Fax:  +968 24640831
E-mail: [email protected]

For LDR bid round site:

Dr. Muatasam Al Raisi
Director of Upstream      
Target Oilfield Services LLC     
Tel +968 24649012 /15 Ext 333 (GMT+3)
Mobile +968 97477984 (GMT+3)
Fax +968 24567007 
E-mail: [email protected]